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Subject: Re: DLL on DOS Part II
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Atomix wrote:
> Hi !
> I need meta-DLL because I write my GUI interface in MS-DOS.
> I include function "main" in the c source file. I link with gcc.
> I changed code of DXEGEN, now It writes the name of function.
> I run DXEGEN. Now _printf, my function,.... are defined symbols.
> But I have multiple .bss, Can I define my ".bss" ??
> My friend using WATCOM make DLL on DOS.
> WATCOM generate PE ExE, DJGPP Can It do ?

Yes, but DXEs are very primitive.  There are better packages in v2tk,
such as DLX.


Nate Eldredge
nate AT cartsys DOT com

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