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You don't specify *which* compiler it is, so I can only offer a guess:
some, many, of the old 16 bit compilers load a DOS extender as part or their
operation.  That will present you with a problem on an NT machine.
Buy a newer compiler, or get a machine for dedicated use for your 16bit
development.  If networked, it could share files, and something like a
200MHz Pentium running DOS 6.22 would only cost about $600, maybe less,
these days.

Kelly Harrelson wrote in message <7acb6p$9fk$1 AT news0-alterdial DOT uu DOT net>...
>I have an *old* 16-bit cross compiler that runs under DOS and generates
>.OBJs for a proprietary platform.  The compiler worked fine under DOS,
>Windows 3.11, and Windows 95.  When we moved to Windows NT, we ran into
>problems.  Running it under the default shell, cmd.exe
>(\winnt\system32\cmd.exe), would cause the entire shell to exit, instantly,
>with no error messages or anything.  One of our developers noticed however
>that it ran fine under the shell (\winnt\system32\
>So, we happily continued using it under the alternate shell.  Now, with
>Windows NT Service Pack 4 installed (as well as Developer Studio 97 Service
>Pack 3, although I don't know if that could effect it), it has stopped
>working, but not in the same way as before.  When calling the compiler from
>a batch file, the batch file just exits and the shell stays intact.
>the compiler from NMAKE just causes NMAKE to hang.
>Has anyone else noticed any problems with older 16-bit apps?  Anyone have
>any ideas? Does anyone know why it worked for a while under but
>not cmd.exe?
>If there is another group I should post this to, please let me know.  This
>problem is quite frustrating and I would really like to get it solved.  Any
>help would be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance.

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