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I have been having a problem with rsxntdj that I and according to
the newsgroup archives a lot of others have been having over the past
little while. We all cannot compile windows c++ programs using rsxntdj
after following the instructions that many people have posted.

This means that I have followed the help files instructions and other
newsgroup posts in setting rsxntdj up. Everything works fine and I can
compile and create windows c programs with out any problems, but...

When you type try any windows c++ programs with the command

gcc -Zwin32 foo.cpp -o foo.exe

you get:

Error: missing stab strings - not linked with rsxnt

This is even with just renaming a working c program to the c++ extension
trying to compile again.

I have just tried many different configurations and I still get the same
Thought maybe djgpp was corrupted so I downloaded everything, including
rsxntdj, again. It didn't help. The only thing I can think of is that I
am using a new
version of djgpp (ver 2.02) and gcc (ver 2.8.1) which are not what the
author wrote the program with.

So here's the plea for help. If you know how to get rid of the "stab
strings" error, please post it or mail me. This would be of use for the
next bunch of people who want to set up rsxntdj, as there were no
answers to this question in any archives.

Thanks in advance for your time,

Michael Miller

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