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Subject: RHIDE understands QBASIC??
Date: 16 Feb 1999 22:39:43 GMT
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I just had a pleasant surprise.  A friend sent me a fairly large qbasic
application to look at, and so I loaded it up into RHIDE, that being the
most convenient editor I have at the moment.

You know how RHIDE parses your C/C++ code to assign colors to different
bits of text?

Well, it did the same thing for qbasic source!  If the file ends in
.bas, it uses different parsing rules, and recognizes comments beginning
with a single quote ('), it recognizes BASIC keywords, and so on.  It's
much better than the editor that comes with qbasic!  Now, if only I
could run qbasic programs from RHIDE....

Is this multi-language feature documented anywhere?  I don't remember
reading about it.  In any case, it was a nice suprise.  Many thanks to
the author!


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