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Subject: 16-bit Apps under Windows NT
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I have an *old* 16-bit cross compiler that runs under DOS and generates
.OBJs for a proprietary platform.  The compiler worked fine under DOS,
Windows 3.11, and Windows 95.  When we moved to Windows NT, we ran into
problems.  Running it under the default shell, cmd.exe
(\winnt\system32\cmd.exe), would cause the entire shell to exit, instantly,
with no error messages or anything.  One of our developers noticed however
that it ran fine under the shell (\winnt\system32\
So, we happily continued using it under the alternate shell.  Now, with
Windows NT Service Pack 4 installed (as well as Developer Studio 97 Service
Pack 3, although I don't know if that could effect it), it has stopped
working, but not in the same way as before.  When calling the compiler from
a batch file, the batch file just exits and the shell stays intact.  Calling
the compiler from NMAKE just causes NMAKE to hang.

Has anyone else noticed any problems with older 16-bit apps?  Anyone have
any ideas? Does anyone know why it worked for a while under but
not cmd.exe?

If there is another group I should post this to, please let me know.  This
problem is quite frustrating and I would really like to get it solved.  Any
help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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