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Date: Tuesday, February 16, 1999 6:12 PM
Subject: Re: Let's keep it clean...

>    Perhaps you should make a difference between communists and chinese
>people. Perhaps you should expand your horizons a little bit and learn that
>chinese people don't just live in communist China. I'm sure that the
>people in the good old USA also celebrate their new year. People living in
>countries like Singapore, Malaysia and several other south-east asian
>countries probably also celebrate the chinese new year. In fact, the people
>of chinese origin in my tiny home country, Mauritius, also celebrate the
>chinese new year. So, get your facts right before applying labels to
>That just reminds me labelling people is also a characteristic of fascists.
>I think DJ posted a message a few days ago requesting a certain level of
>politeness and moderation of language on this forum. Maybe, you should bear
>that in mind, unless of course, in your quest for free speech you deem
>yourself to be above such newgroups etiquette. By the way, maybe you should
>also reconsider calling yourself a 'humanist' unless the word has changed
>Paul Derbyshire wrote in message
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>>At 02:36 AM 2/16/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>>Yesterday was the Chineese NewYear.

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I'm on DJs side (where most most of us are). I'd say it doesn't matter what
we talk about as long as it's DJGPP-related. _This_ is not. Or maybe we
communists should start holding a weekly meeting here... :)

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