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	It is so easy to get the correct files from -
just go to the Zip Picker, answer the appropriate questions and
download the suggested files.  Here is what I got:

C compliler,
C++ compiler

All in all there were probably 8 zip files to download, fairly quick
on a network connection too.  As for installing it, very easy also.
Just read the FAQ, then unzip the files using PKUNZIP *.zip -d.  If
you want to program games in Allegro, just go to /Allegro and type
make and then the name of the file in there.

Das it.

On Sat, 13 Feb 1999 22:12:58 -0600, Dan Reed <danreed AT startext DOT net> so
kindly spent valuable time writing:

>is there any possible way to get a pre-packaged one zip file with all 
>the folders and stuff already set up???
>i'm pretty computer savvy, but with all the instructions in 20 different 
>places and each one is in a different format, it's hard to set all this 
>here are some specs of my system:
>	-Win95
>	-Pentium I 133 MHz
>	-about 40 MB of hard drive space left
>please do this for me; i really want to get the compiler and program.
>please also include rhide and allegro and several libraries (and make 
>sure that the help functions in rhide work please.
>I would be ever so greatful.
>Joshua D. Reed
>Supreme Geek of William James School

Stuart Hall
Connecticut, USA
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