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Subject: Re: Help with sending a file to a printer.
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David Nugent <davidn AT cbhc DOT ns DOT ca> wrote:

> Anyone have any ideas why this doesn't work properly:
> I have a file called TEST.PRN  I created it by printing to
> a file (through Windows), instead of to the LPT1:
> port.
> If I go to DOS and type
> COPY /B TEST.PRN LPT1:  (/B is for Binary)
> It prints perfect.  If I try however
> //////////////////////////////
> #include "stdio.h"
> main()
> {
> FILE *in;
> int c;
> in=fopen("TEST.PRN","rb");
> while((c=fgetc(in))!=EOF)  fputc(c,stdprn);
> fclose(in);
> exit(0);
> }
> //////////////////////////////
> This sends the file to my printer, but it seems all
> garbled?? Any idea why this doesn't work right?

What printer are you using? Is a new model? Does it support DOS or is a 
Hewlett Packard have some printers (very new models) that only work unde 
Windows, a lot of job was moved to the PC software, that's the current trend, 
this year the WinModems will become more CPU intensive with the new codecs 
system specification by Intel.

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