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    Perhaps you should make a difference between communists and chinese
people. Perhaps you should expand your horizons a little bit and learn that
chinese people don't just live in communist China. I'm sure that the chinese
people in the good old USA also celebrate their new year. People living in
countries like Singapore, Malaysia and several other south-east asian
countries probably also celebrate the chinese new year. In fact, the people
of chinese origin in my tiny home country, Mauritius, also celebrate the
chinese new year. So, get your facts right before applying labels to people.
That just reminds me labelling people is also a characteristic of fascists.
I think DJ posted a message a few days ago requesting a certain level of
politeness and moderation of language on this forum. Maybe, you should bear
that in mind, unless of course, in your quest for free speech you deem
yourself to be above such newgroups etiquette. By the way, maybe you should
also reconsider calling yourself a 'humanist' unless the word has changed

Paul Derbyshire wrote in message
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>At 02:36 AM 2/16/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>Yesterday was the Chineese NewYear.
>Those human-rights-abusing two-faced commie fascists can go to he1l.....
>and take their new year with them. Imagine signing an international treaty
>on human rights and then not even paying lip service to it.
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