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Paul Derbyshire wrote in message
<3 DOT 0 DOT 6 DOT 32 DOT 19990216065945 DOT 008c5730 AT pop DOT netaddress DOT com>...

>Those human-rights-abusing two-faced commie fascists can go to he1l.....
>and take their new year with them. Imagine signing an international treaty
>on human rights and then not even paying lip service to it.

Hey man, can you just talk about djgpp and keep your ignorant comments to
yourself, please?  I've seen plenty of foul trash come out of your piehole
in the past couple of weeks, and would rather be delighted to see it stop.

Didn't I just see you say,

    "Anyways, this political crap is off topic for
c.o.m.d/djgpp AT delorie DOT com.
    Please take it elsewhere, like to
    or wherever is appropriate."

in this group yesterday?


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