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> Those human-rights-abusing ...

This is SO very off-topic it isn't even funny.  It certainly is rude,
not only to Chinese DJGPP users but also to everyone else in the
newsgroup who's sick and tired of your off-topic and insulting posts.
MUST you use such strong language here?  Do you have some sort of
physiological disorder that prevents you from refraining when you know
that nobody wants to hear what you say?

Please don't post like this any more.  Posts like these have no
intellectual value and serve no purpose other than to insult and
offend other people.

Note to others: Please do me a favor.  When you see any off-topic or
offensive post, such as this one, send the originator a PRIVATE email
asking him/her to stop, and DO NOT reply or follow up to the forum.


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