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Subject: Re: A very strange RHIDE problem
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"James Bunting" <james AT aic DOT co DOT uk> wrote:

> I use RHIDE 1.4.
> I used to have a Trident 4 meg AGP video card in my P2 and it worked fine
> with RHIDE.
> I now have an 8 meg Matrox Productiva AGP card.  Eveytime I move the mouse
> in RHIDE the text attribute (colour) of where the mouse pointer used to be
> goes nuts!  This results in multi coloured lines all over the screen!  Also
> when I exit RHIDE (when quitting or shelling to DOS) the screen background
> is green instead of black!
> I have managed to fix the mouse problem by setting the screen mode to 80 by
> 28 instead of that standard 80 by 25.
> Has anybody else had this problem?

Not specially this, but Matrox is in my list of "buggy BIOS, W95 drivers", S3 
cards (specially Virge) are in the list too.
After a lot of report of this class I learnt that it's normally a problem in 
the board BIOS or in the W95 drivers. Recently I found an interesting thing 
about SVGA text modes in S3 cards, the planes value is reported with a 
different meaning to the value reported by most of the boards. So perhaps 
here you have another thing like it. 
One interesting thing is that you say that the mouse fails when is drawed by 
the driver .... hmmmm ... download RHIDE 1.4.7 first, then tell me if it 
About the green screen: If you really want to see a workaround for it 
(because I think is something in the drivers) you can just download Turbo 
Vision 1.0.3 from the v2tk directory (sources) and compile the library and 
one of the examples to see if it can be reproduced, if you can reproduce it 
we can try to find the source of the problem.

Greetings, SET
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