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>  allegro_init();
>  set_color_depth(8);
>  set_gfx_mode_("VBEAF", 800, 600, 0, 0 );

Well, you have to write so:

Here is a list of the graphic drivers in Allegro (From "Allegro.txt"):

      GFX_TEXT          - return to text mode
      GFX_AUTODETECT    - let Allegro pick an appropriate graphics driver
      GFX_VGA           - normal VGA (320x200, 320x100, 160x120, or 80x80)
      GFX_MODEX         - select a planar, tweaked VGA mode
      GFX_VESA1         - use the VESA 1.x driver
      GFX_VESA2B        - use the VBE 2.0 banked mode driver
      GFX_VESA2L        - use the VBE 2.0 linear framebuffer driver
      GFX_VESA3         - use the VBE 3.0 driver
      GFX_VBEAF         - use the VBE/AF hardware accelerator API
      GFX_XTENDED       - use the unchained mode 640x400 driver



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