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Adam Pirkle wrote:

> >    I downloaded RSXNTDJ and installed it (correctly hopefully). I tried
> >to compile a small sample program using:
> >gxx -Zwin32 -o first.exe first.cpp
> >
> >and I get the message:
> >
> >gxx.exe: unrecognized option 'Zwin32'
> I'm having the EXACT same problem.  If anyone has an answer for this, please
> send it to me at apirkle AT texoma DOT net.  Thanks.

You need a new specs file, new patches for the microsoft stuff and I think a
different djgpp.env. You can find them at a guy named George Foots site(do a
search like +djgpp +rsxntdj and it will come up ). The trouble is, rsxntdj was
written for gcc 2.7 The only version I can find is 2.8. Anyway, I mucked about
with it for weeks and got most of the samples to compile, but not all. (By the
way, the sample in the rsxntdj help need sthe  line #include <windows.h> to
work). I have since messed about with the new version of rsxnt for the emx port
of gcc with a fraction more succes, but it won't compile cpp easily, seems to
use more memory, is less verbose in its error messages and finding stuff on the
net about it is impossible.


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