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Subject: Re: Line frame buffer speed problem
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:25:33 -0000
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Ludvig Larsson writes:
> I downloaded the latest BIOS for the MILLENNIUM,
> but I have to open my computer and
> enable writemode on the card etc, so if someone
> knows if it might be that problem  before I'll do any
> "risky" things, I would be most pleased to
> hear.

I've never heard of problems with this kind of upgrade, but I really
doubt that it will help you. Especially since you've already tried
using the replacement drivers from SciTech, I think it's a pretty
safe bet that this is a hardware/bus issue rather than something
wrong in your software.

> And second, a totally different question;
> I posted my message at 15:26, next message is from
> Shawn Hargreaves at 18:21, and in it its a (part of a)
> message from Salvador Eduardo Tropea, which is a reply to
> my question, but it is no longer in the thread...
> Is my Netscape wrong?

No, that's just the nature of usenet. It isn't by any means a
reliable communications medium: posts frequently get missing,
or propagate around the world in unpredictable ways. Depending
on your location, it is quite common to see answers to a post,
while the original message may not show up for a couple of days!

If this is really bothering you, subscribe to the djgpp mailing
list (there is info about this on,
which is automatically mirrored both to and from the usenet 
group, but works a lot more reliably. DJ also has archives to
search or browse the messages on his site, which are a good
way to locate any parts of a thread that you know to be

	Shawn Hargreaves.

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