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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 10:04:32 +0200 (IST)
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Subject: Re: How do you run all these programs?
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On 15 Feb 1999, Tom McGuire wrote:

> Since then I've been
> trying to run some of the other programs that I down loaded like draw.c ,
> rgbtest.c , winclip.c and now I'm ready to kill my self. I always get this
> Error: undefined reference to 'GrLine' or something like that.

I'm guessing that the error messages appear when you are trying to
_compile_ these programs, not to _run_ them, right?  Please try to
be more accurate when reporting problems, as it is impossible to 
provide efficient help based on vague reports.

If you have undefined references while compiling programs, it usually
means you forgot to tell the compiler to look in some library that by
default is not searched.  `GrLine' is from the GRX library; you need
to download and install the GRX package, and you need to append
-lgrx20 to the link command line.

See section 8.7 of the DJGPP FAQ list (v2/ from the same
place you get DJGPP) for more about this issue.

> Anything that
> uses an include other than <stdio.h> gives me some kind of error

If there are errors other than ``undefined reference'', please post
here the exact text of the message(s), and describe what you were
trying to do when those errors happened.

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