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Subject: Re: Unix System Calls
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On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Mad Cow wrote:

> I would like to write programs that use Unix system calls like fork() 
> and waitpid(x,x,x), on my home computer running Windows95 and DOS.  
> Is there a library or emulator out there where I can write and debug 
> code on my 95 machine, then take it to work and have the code (with Unix 
> system calls) compile on a Unix system?

If you need to debug the code that depends on `fork' and `waitpid' to 
work as they do on Unix, I'm afraid you are out of luck: I'm not aware of 
any such emulation.

Otherwise, you could replace the `fork'/`exec'/`waitpid' stuff with stubs 
that just let the program run without bailing out, and debug the rest of 
the program.

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