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On 15 Feb 1999, Fleet Teachout wrote:

> Is there any place I can find a list of the error messages produced by
> DJGPP with comments on likely screwups?

First, you must realize that DJGPP is not a single piece of software.
It is a collection of development tools, most of them GNU packages
ported to DOS/Windows, and libraries written specifically for DJGPP.
Every package has its own schedule for releasing new versions, which
are then ported to DJGPP.

So there cannot be a unified list of ``messages produced by DJGPP''.

But even if you are after the list of compiler error messages, there's
no such list (AFAIK).  However, most of these messages are pretty
self-explaining, provided that you get used to the terminology.

> For example:  I am getting a "parse error at end of input" with a
> reference to a line number one greater than the file length.

``Parse error'' means a syntax error in GCC's parlance.  An error
that references a line beyond the file's end usually means unbalanced
parentheses or braces.

Since you understood exactly that, I think that the message is indeed

> I have
> checked (numerous times) for mismatched braces, brackets, and parentheses
> - and for missing semi-colons.

A sophisticated editor (which automatically detects unbalanced parens
and has commands to move across balanced expressions) can help.  Post
the source if you cannot figure it out.

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