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01:04:51 Weekly Mini-FAQ post for DJGPP (DJ Delorie)
01:28:16 Re: ? strange problem (Eli Zaretskii)
02:47:07 Problem dl RHIDE 1.4.7 (Dim Zegebart)
02:49:40 RSXNTDJ DirectX patches (bowman)
06:51:02 Rhide deleting saved files (
07:35:51 RHIDE Bug? (Compiling C++) (Joerg Bornemann)
08:26:44 Re: Re : Catching Exceptions (Manni Heumann)
08:35:57 Re: RHIDE Bug? (Compiling C++) (DeHackEd)
08:46:11 C++ Question (slightly off topic) (Phillip Rhodes)
10:00:11 Re: Rhide deleting saved files (Eli Zaretskii)
10:58:09 Re: C++ Question (slightly off topic) (Eli Zaretskii)
10:59:54 Re: RHIDE Bug? (Compiling C++) (Eli Zaretskii)
11:11:32 RE: RHIDE Bug? (Compiling C++) (Arthur)
12:16:33 Re: RSXNTDJ and the current MS SDK (Fahd Aslam Khan)
12:37:17 Help on VPATH (Rick Gungadoo)
14:29:02 Re: Passing variables from DJGPP to extern functions made in NASM (Nate Eldredge)
16:08:51 Re: RHIDE and cygwin32 (Robert Hoehne)
16:50:53 Please Help: can't use Rhide (Youssef Latrous)
16:55:51 Re: HOWTO: DJGPP, setup CWSDPMI.exe (DeHackEd)
19:02:17 Re: C++ Question (slightly off topic) (Nathaniel Johnson)
19:46:18 Re: Please Help: can't use Rhide (Jason Lam)
22:36:10 v2.02 malloc/free problem? Or silly me? (Rob Kramer)
23:19:21 Musical Instruments for sale (
23:32:51 problem w/emacs (Nathaniel Johnson)

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