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00:05:55 Passing variables from DJGPP to extern functions made in NASM (SynthHack)
01:10:11 Re: Page fault on 486 (bowman)
09:41:11 Troubles With RHIDE (Travis Gant)
09:45:52 Assembler / optimization (Gautier)
10:00:58 Help with RSXNTJ (Travis Gant)
10:10:55 Assembler / optimization (Gautier)
11:11:08 RE: Help with RSXNTJ (Arthur)
11:11:13 RE: Troubles With RHIDE (Arthur)
12:11:54 a problem with RHIDE (Stefano Mangani)
14:33:37 Re: Help with RSXNTJ (bowman)

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