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01:02:52 Weekly Mini-FAQ post for DJGPP (DJ Delorie)
01:10:42 Re: Largest DJGPP project (Dim Zegebart)
02:02:14 Re: getch() getche() (LJ)
02:16:47 What the $##@$ is going on here!?!?!? (Mark Figura)
03:01:43 Re: reading/writing to COM ports (Mark Figura)
04:02:24 Re: What do I need ? (Andris Pavenis)
04:05:15 Re: Duplicate definition in two different include files. (Andris Pavenis)
04:07:32 Re: RHIDE problems (Andris Pavenis)
04:14:24 Re: DJGPP and CYGWIN questions (Alexander Bokovoy)
04:33:02 Re: Linux and GNU C (Andris Pavenis)
04:44:18 Re: Largest DJGPP project (Alexander Bokovoy)
06:02:47 Re: Trying to RTFM (Kirk Hobart)
07:19:28 Re: Texture Mapping. (Jado)
08:37:14 Need to know free memory (Cláudio André Heckler)
09:33:04 Re: ".inf" vs ".info" in "info/dir" file (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
09:57:42 Re: [Is about RHIDE had no subject] (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
10:28:04 Re: Largest DJGPP project (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
10:28:48 Re: ANNOUNCE: Make 3.77 uploaded (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
10:38:16 Re: mapping i/o ports? (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
10:46:36 Re: CAT (Walter Gray)
10:46:40 Re: Largest DJGPP project (
11:01:50 Re: How to determine the physical address from a DPMI descriptor (Søren Egmose)
11:01:53 Re: long timer interrupt (Søren Egmose)
11:05:40 Re: Data Locking (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
11:10:13 Re: DJGPP C++ question (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
11:33:36 ANNOUNCE: MSS version 1.1 (Peter Palotas)
12:51:52 Re: long timer interrupt (Bernhard Gleich)
13:42:37 Re: getch() getche() (Nate Eldredge)
13:59:07 Possible bug in GCC (Mariano Alvarez Fernández)
14:02:45 Re: getch() getche() (Endlisnis)
16:01:53 Re: What the $##@$ is going on here!?!?!? (Morten Stenshorne)
16:01:57 Re: What do I need ? (Dan Bogdanov)
16:17:07 keyword "new" causes SIGSEV (Mike Rusch)
16:17:09 Re: ...cannot open -lstdcx: no such file or directory (Mike Rusch)
16:31:33 Re: getch() getche() (LJ)
17:02:55 Re: getch() getche() (LJ)
17:19:07 allegro make help (dazzee)
17:31:51 Problem with files reading (Crousto)
19:04:27 Re: Problems defining external symbols in C++ !? (Oliver Richman)
19:04:29 RHIDE Problem (Linker?) (Deathstar)
19:51:55 OFFTOPIC: SmallTalk (Andrew Deren)
20:14:19 Re: Need to know free memory (George Foot)
20:17:08 VESA 1.2/2.0 djgpp code wanted for 16/24/32 bpp mode (jurg)
20:58:41 help (George Bason)
21:17:02 Re: VESA 1.2/2.0 djgpp code wanted for 16/24/32 bpp mode (Kertis A. Henderson)
21:17:38 Re: What do I need ? (Troy VanHorn)
21:46:36 Re: OFFTOPIC: SmallTalk (Roberto Waltman)
23:08:42 re: Midnight Commander (bowman)
23:11:41 Re: allegro make help (George Foot)

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