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Subject: Re: Long name support in DOS
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 12:29:39 +0100
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In article <897086607 DOT 586839 AT michelob>, Ian St. John <istjohn AT sprint DOT ca>
>>If you are working on plain DOS or Windows 3.X, you cannot have long
>>file names.
>If the last point is true, how can I
>cd "A Long File Name Which Is A Directory"
>Works in Dos 7.0..

Funny, it does not work on my machine.
It does work in a *Win95 dosbox*, but thats *not* really DOS (a good
thing or win32 console apps would not run).

Try again in
 1: DOS Mode.
 2: hit F8 and boot to a command line.

The stop spreading misinformation.

djgpp LFN support (currently) relies on an extra API interface only
available in Win9X consoles. NT and real DOS do not support it.
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