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From: Didier BRUNEL <brunel AT unice DOT fr>
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Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 17:33:38 -0300
Organization: University of Nice
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Hello everybody,

I am trying to use the Sword IDE with my TurboC. I have set the good
path and the good environment variable. I tried this with one of the
sample project given with the distrib. If I run a "build all" there are
no errors. But when I start the run of the prg I have a mas which says
that the graphic driver is not found.
So I think I have not set the right path. Does somebody know the name
and the location of the graphic drivers needed for the TurboC ?

I thank you very much in advance.
Didier Brunel.
brunel AT unice DOT fr

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