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From: Myke AT cyberdude DOT com (Ricardo Cunha)
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Subject: CWSDPMI - Found solution but, not the problem...
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 13:35:15 GMT
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Some days ago, i post a problem because i couldn't map the video
memory while using any vbe/af implementation. I was using CWSDPMI R4
but, two days ago, i was having problems using vesa modes provided by
sdd 6.52 in dos mode with the new cpu k6 but for rest i start playing
quake I, when i changed from dos into win98 (also i changed my SO in
the same time i changed the cpu) i was talking about djgpp and then, i
realised that quake I was made with djgpp so it must have been using
CWSDPMI but the release was R1... I changed CWSDPMI R4 by CWSDPMI R1
and i have no more trouble...

Ricardo Cunha aka Myke
E-Mail: myke AT cyberdude DOT com
ICQ: 5623081
Pager: 0943384223 AT pager DOT telechamada DOT pt

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