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Subject: Re: problems with win 95 and djgpp v2.81
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Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 05:30:10 GMT
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>Do you indeed have the file "C:\DJGPP\DJGPP.ENV"? E.g. if DJGPP is actually
>somewhere else, or if you have not installed the DJDEV201 package, that
>would be the problem. Also be sure you have not changed the file from its
>distributed version. GCC 2.8.1 seems to have a bug whereby it hangs if the
>variable and file are not correct.

well sure enough I did a search on my hdrive, and the djgpp.env was in a
different directory, than the one the autoexec.bat was pointing to. I
corrected the problem, but I thought it was odd, as that was verbatum the
path that the readme file said to point it to. so now it doesn't hang when
compiling, but I'm getting errors that it can't find certain libs.. here is
the info it gave on the first .c file in my makefile.
gcc -c -Wall -O -g  act_comm.c
act_comm.c:31: No include path in which to find sys/types.h
act_comm.c:32: No include path in which to find sys/time.h
act_comm.c:34: No include path in which to find stdio.h
act_comm.c:35: No include path in which to find string.h
act_comm.c:36: No include path in which to find stdlib.h
act_comm.c:37: No include path in which to find time.h
make.exe: *** [act_comm.o] Error 1

Any suggestions?

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