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Dan Goodman wrote:
> >ANSI-standard RNG is rand(); however, DJGPP's implementation of it lacks
> >randomness in the lower bits.  If portability is not an issue, we
> This explains a lot, have you any why this is? Should I just use random()
> instead?

I don't know the exact details of how DJGPP's rand() is non-random in
certain cases; I don't understand the underlying numerical theory well
enough.  However, the DJGPP mailing list archives at should allow you to look up
the discussions we've had in the past on the subject.

As for random(), as long as your program doesn't have to be portable, I
highly recommend using it instead of rand().  The only potential problem
is that random() takes more time to execute due to its complexity.  (I'm
not sure how much longer; if you are really worried you should test it
yourself.)  If you happen to have a PhD in numerical theory and want to
see exactly how random() works, feel free to download the library
sources ( and examine
src/libc/ansi/compat/stdlib/random.c.  :-)

A final note:  all pseudo-random number generators must be seeded before
being used, or they will always generate the same sequence of numbers. 
The corresponding seed function for rand() is srand(); for random() it's
srandom().  Most programmers recommend using the system clock as a seed,
as in:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>

    srandom( (int) time( NULL ) );


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