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Date: 1 Feb 1998 03:55:17 GMT
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>Unfortunately the dos emulater crashes when I initilize sound.
>It shells back to win 95 and says,"Unable to initilize sound,
>sound blaster in use through another application"

As far as I know, the Allegro sound routines work under a Win95 DOS-box. They
work for me, anyhow. This error you are getting may be due to another program
running in Windows that is using your soundcard. I've had this error before
when I started up Quake while AOL was loaded. AOL uses the soundcard for the
"You've got mail." messages et cetera, so I guess there was some sort of
conflict there. However, even after I got this message, Quake still ran fine.
It seemed to take over the sound and demoted AOL to using bleeps. Anyhow, maybe
that'll give you a little more insight.

Aegis (fist1000 AT aol DOT com)

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