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Subject: Re: Really strange RHIDE bug
Date: 1 Feb 1998 02:39:12 GMT
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In article <34d3d01f DOT 0 AT superego DOT idcomm DOT com>, "Randy Sorensen" <randy AT idcomm DOT com> wrote:
>Now, I thought everything was normal, until I went to the command prompt
>again, by doing a start->run->command, and if I alt+tab to other apps or
>make the command prompt a dos-in-a-box (alt+enter), the title bar/button on
>the task bar for my command prompt says "RHIDE Version 1.4 - COMMAND".  I've
>tried restarting, I've tried looking through the Registry and all the init
>files, I've tried doing various things in RHIDE, and I've tried
>re-installing Windows, and nothing has worked... Im stuck.  Every time I use
>the command prompt and make it a box or switch to other apps, it says RHIDE
>on it.
*** RHIDE has changed the name. That's normal. When it crashed, it didn't get 
the opportunity to change it back to the way it was.
>Is there anything that I can do to make it so it just says MS-DOS Prompt on
>it again?  Is there some way to write an application that changes the title
>back to MS-DOS Prompt (after all, RHIDE is a DOS app, and it changes its own
*** Yeah, it's real easy too. Make sure that it's in window (not 
full-screen) mode. Click the "properties" icon on the window's toolbar. The 
first thing selected will be the program name. Just type "MS-DOS Prompt" there 
and press Enter. Presto!

  Steven Don

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