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From: Tom Jelen <jelen AT cis DOT ohio-state DOT edu>
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Subject: Re: [allegro] combining many images with different palettes into one?
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 14:46:48 -0500
Organization: The Ohio State University Dept. of Computer and Info. Science
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Looks like it's running in true color mode to me.  Just have to make sure you
set_color_depth() before you set_gfx_mode or create any bitmaps.


Liche wrote:

> Does that mean your program will now run in true color modes?
> Tom Jelen wrote:
> > Doh,
> >
> > Figured out my problem.  Had to use set_color_depth(24), so they all had
> > the same palette after that.  That's what I get for looking through the
> > v2.2 documention.
> >
> > Tom

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