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Brian Ellis wrote:
> Eli, George, and others
> In response to your two questions asking to clarify:
> What I mean by hanging is it runs through it's process but seems to stop at cc1plus.  At the top of my DOS window it says what file it is running, it goes through a number of files but gets stuck at cc1plus.  It never gives me another prompt.  I have to kill the window and start again.

Are you sure that it's not running out of memory and paging in the
process?  Does your hard drive work hard while cc1plus is thrashing
away?  Does the Win95 System Monitor show any unusual pattern of CPU or
hard drive usage?

> DPMI memory available: 9635 Kb
> DPMI swap space available: 3753 Kb

This seems to show that you have very little memory available.  How much
RAM is installed on your computer, and how much free hard drive space do
you have?  If I were to risk a guess, I'd say that the DPMI memory
setting of your MS-DOS box properties sheet is set to something like
"Auto", meaning that Win95 does not give DOS programs as much memory as
they need.  Try setting the value manually to 65535 Kb and see if that

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