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Paul Derbyshire wrote:
> Vik Heyndrickx (Vik DOT Heyndrickx AT rug DOT ac DOT be) writes:
> > I've run RHIDE 1.1 on a computer with AMD486 + Ontrack without problems.
> > Ontrack is loaded BEFORE DOS...
> What the bleeding hell load *before* the *OS*???

Various disk extenders and disk management utilities, such as drivers
supporting multiple partitions for large drives that a filesystem could
not otherwise access.  For example, the Max-Blast software that
accompanies most Maxtor hard drives is a special program that loads from
the hard drive's boots sector (before the OS itself loads) and enables
non-LBA filesystems to access the entire drive.

Ontrack makes a variety of products that assist with disk management. 
Ontrack developed the original Disk Extender software that allowed
computers to address up to 528 meg hard drives.  Today, they specialize
in data recovery services.

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