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On Sat, 31 Jan 1998 10:02:38 GMT, gripinc AT hotmail DOT com (Neither) wrote:

> How do I get on-line help in rhide on iostream or cout, and a whole
> other mess of things that seem to be missing from the info.

For the syntax help (Ctrl+F1), you can insert more info files in
Help->Syntax Help->Files to search. The libc file has one topic for each
keyword, but it doesn't have an index. The iostream file does have an
index, but it doesn't have a topic for each keyword. To make this work
nevertheless, you have to insert "(iostream)Index" instead of just plain

> Also How do I make the info viewer withing Rhide read
> more than one file at the same time. 

Did you see the topic "Como usar InfView - How to use InfView" (F1, F1,
Tab, Enter)? You can go to the Info Directory with Ctrl+d, search
through all info files with Ctrl+s and so on.


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