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In article <34D23EAA DOT 3609B2B AT worldonline DOT nl>, Reinier Heeres
<rwh AT worldonline DOT nl> writes
>I have the idea that DJGPP isnt't inlining my hline routine in my
>program, but I have defined it like this:
>inline void hline(int x1,int x2,int y,unsigned char c)
>and I compile and link with the -finline-fnuctions flag...
>Does anybody have an idea how this might happen (the functions that call
>hline() are in the same module)

You need to place the inline functions physically before the invocations
in your source. I can't think of another reason this would fail (its
always worked for me regardless of the size of inlined functions... till
the compiler crashes at least ;)

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