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From: David Powell <dapowell AT usa DOT net>
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Subject: Re: Rhide-crt0.o Error
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 22:47:05 +1100
Organization: The University of Melbourne
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Kharis Knightwind wrote:

> Rhide tells me that it cant find the file crt0.o in order to make an exe
> file.So I searched my hardrive and I couldnt find the that a
> bug? or was it just missing from the zip files? Id appreciate it if
> someone could help me out with this...
> Kharis
> I apologize if this came through before but Im still having trouble
> finding a good news server.

  It's actually a part of the C run time libraries, you need it to compile
anything at all.  Look for the appropriate zip file from wherever you got
the rest of DJGPP.

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