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Subject: Re: Error trying to "make" Allegro
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 11:53:11 -0800
Organization: Hewlett Packard
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Dan wrote in message <34D193E3 DOT 7FE0 AT home DOT com>...
>gcc -I. -Isrc -Isrc/djgpp -Iobj/djgpp -Wall -W -Werror -Wno-unused
>-mpentium -O6
>cc1.exe: Invalid option `pentium'

You seen to have told it that you have pgcc installed. but from your list of
files ...

>bnu281b, djdev201, gcc2721b, gbd416b, gpp2721b, lgp271b, mak375b,
>mak375b, txi390b

It appears that you have normal gcc installed.  Type 'gcc -v' at the command
line.  PGCC reports

C:\DDK>gcc -v
Reading specs from c:/djgpp/lib\specs
gcc version pgcc-2.90.23 980102 (egcs-1.0.1 release)

Allegro has a special make macro called PGCC I believe that controls whether
to use normal gcc 2.7 optimization or pgcc optimization.  Make sure it is
not set to true in makefile (or download pgcc).



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