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Subject: Rsxntdj and Common Controls
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 10:30:55 +1100
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I've had a problem with the common controls in win32.
The problem is that when i try to initialise the dll with 
InitCommonControls(); i get a dialog with the title "RSXNT"
and the text 

Exception at 0x00000001
Application got signal SIGSEGV

The strange thing is that i've recompiled bar.c 
(rsxntdj/samples/gui/commctl) and it works fine and i'm sure i'm doing 
everything that i need to but considering i know very little about the 
common controls.. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what things 
need to be done.

Oh and i am sure it's the initialisation thats causing it cos i don't get 
the segment violation when i comment out that line..

Thanks in advance.


Jonathan Barrett

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