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1) An algorithm is a way of doing something. It can be almost anything complex,
like 3d code.

2) A CGI script processes requests on a web page, such as filling in a name and
password. Though it can be written in C, it takes a little more doing than
viewed at first.

3) Datafiles are described in the allegro.txt file with allegro. If it's too
complex, try to post more specific questions.


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Richard Chappell wrote in message
<199801240422 DOT RAA21116 AT cirrostratus DOT netaccess DOT co DOT nz>...
>Sorry for my ignorance, but I am only 12 after all...
>What is an algorithm ???

>Also, what is a CGI script?

>And I don't really get how to use sprites and datafiles (and most
>other things apart from the most basic stuff !) in Allegro.


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