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Subject: Re: list.h -- error!?
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At least for the stl part of the library the documentation is
hopelessly outdated. But the gcc stl is just conforming to
the standard mostly. So when you get documentation from
the stl at:

you have all you need.


NOSPAMsl AT psycode DOT com (Gili) wrote:


>	The GCC info describes a couple of methods included in the List 
>class. However, the list.h file describes totally other methods. I 
>tried List::head() or List::tail() which the info told me I could use 
>and I got an error telling me these methods did not exist. I tried 
>some of the methods in list.h (which are not listed in the info) and 
>they works. . . What is going on here?! Am I using the wrong file? 
>Isn't list.h the correct one for the List class? Is the info file 
>incorrect? Am I going insane?


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