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From: Peter Gerwinski <peter AT agnes DOT dida DOT physik DOT uni-essen DOT de>
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Subject: Project: GRX for Windows 95/NT (mingw32)
Date: 24 Jan 1998 17:04:40 GMT
Organization: Universitaet Essen
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Summary: I am starting a project to port GRX to Windows 95/NT (with mingw32)
Keywords: GRX, Windows, Win32, mingw32
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Hello, DJGPP folks!

Sorry for being slightly off-topic, but it's about a library
with its roots in DJGPP that is going to be ported to yet
another platform - and I do not know any other reasonable
place to discuss this.

I am currently starting a project to port the free (LGPL) library
GRX to the Win32 platform (Windows 95/NT and Windows 3.11 with
32S-extensions) using the `mingw32' port of GNU development tools.

The intended design is that the application will open one window
where you can apply all graphics functions.  Just like in the
existing port to Linux/X11.  (BTW, does anybody know whether this
port also works for other UNIX-compatible systems than just Linux?)
This may be extended towards a complete GUI library somehow later.

If anybody is already working on such a thing (There's no need to
do such things twice, especially when it comes to Free Software,
is there?;) and/or wants to join the project, please let me know.


    Peter Gerwinski, Essen, Germany, free physicist and programmer
Maintainer GNU Pascal - - 1 Oct 1997
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