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Subject: Re: 'Call Frame TraceBack' Plz help a rookie !
Date: 24 Jan 1998 12:51:21 GMT
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>Please, excuse my stupid question (and my english), but i've a pbm under 
>Rhide v1.4 and djgpp 2.0 with a c++ program.
>When compiling, no problem, but at running time, I always get the same 
>message : Call Frame Traceback from Rhide.
>Can you help me ?
>Plz, answer by mail if possible
>chafer AT elv DOT enic DOT fr
>Thanks ;)
>Camille Chafer      France

Ok Frenchie... I'll give it a shot...

Call Frame Tracebacks... as far as I know so far... happen when you do things
like divide by 0.... or try to memcpy 0 bytes

... trying to do things w/ memory that hasn't been allocated... stuff like

Using RHIDE... you should be able to pin-point WHERE the problem occured... by
clicking on the "Call Frame Traceback" text... (sometimes it can be a little
stubborn... )

post the module you trace the error back to.... and highlight the line... I'm
sure alot of people will be willing to help..

Jim the loiterer
aloiterer AT juno DOT com

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