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Justice Moor wrote:
> I ran DJGPP for several weeks with no problem under OS/2 Warp 4.  I
> downloaded the standard zip files that the zip picking utility
> selected.
> Several days ago I had to rebuild my djgpp software and decided to try
> to run djpgg without unzipping (even though the utility
> told me to use the software).  I read that OS/2 had its
> own dmpi environment and wanted to see if djpgg would run using OS/2
> dmpi without
> I am able to compile and execute C programs under RHIDE without the
> software.  Should I be using like the djgpp
> zip picker utility said,  or should the zip picking utility be
> modified to recognize that OS/2 users don't need the file?

In fact, you were not using CWSDPMI all the time. 
The startup code checks if there is already any DPMI host 
running and load CWSDPMI only if none is found. So you
do not need it. The zip picking utility should not
be changed, because if you are giving away compiled 
programs that run under DOS, you should also add
a copy of CWSDPMI.EXE. 


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