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From: "Ivo Stoykov" <istoykov AT plovdiv DOT techno-link DOT com>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 11:16:11 +0000
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Subject: MS/Borland --> DJGPP
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Hello there

I read few books concerning C/C++ programming and faced following 
problem - all examples are written for some MS or Borland C/C++ versions

Trying to ise them with DJGPP I have problems. On the other hand I'm 
new in DJGPP so it's hard for me to see and improve the *.c code 
appropriately. My question is - where can I read some info about this 
or does it exist some converter or something?

Thank you

Ivo Stoykov
istoykov AT plovdiv DOT techno-link DOT com

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