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From: jromano AT slate DOT Mines DOT EDU (Jean-Luc Romano)
Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
Subject: .PCX files in Allegro
Date: 24 Jan 1998 08:02:24 GMT
Organization: Colorado School of Mines
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Dear all,

   I recently tried to use the Allegro "Grabber" utility to import
a .PCX file into a new .DAT file (which I named FORCE.DAT).
I had two problems with that:

 * The palette did not seem to be created (that is, it may have
   been lost somehow).

 * No corresponding FORCE.H file was created.

   How would I fix these problems?

   Thanks in advance.

   Jean-Luc Romano

P.S.  Since I don't like receiving spam (who does?) any information
      e-mailed to me on how to forge the sender address would also
      be appreciated -- but not necessary (so don't feel obliged).

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