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Subject: Re: Is RHIDE a good environment to use?
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 23:10:51 -0800
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Joshua Heyer wrote in message <34C64B34 DOT F13EAD53 AT geocities DOT com DOT NO DOT SPAM>...
>Alan Wilson wrote:
>> I have been following the posts of this group on and off for about a year
>> now.  I know that there has been some debate as to which environment
>> of djgpp should use: RHIDE or EMACS?
>> Which do you prefer?  and why?
>  I use RHIDE, because I learned 'C' with Borland's IDE's;  I've tried
>its very powerful, but it's just not what I'm used to.  Also EMACS is very

If you ask me, good 'ol notepad, a backround dos session, and a little
ALT-TABing work just fine. Besides, Rhide kept on refomatting my .c's, into
like 10 lines wide... grrr...


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