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Subject: Re: What is __djgpp_conventional_base ??
Date: 5 Jan 1998 01:33:37 GMT
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>    I was trying to access the video ram using
>        unsigned char *videoptr = (unsigned char *)0xA0000;
>    (in VBE1.2 640x480x256)
>    and it didn't work, so I downloaded a tutorial on video memory under
>djgpp, and it used the line
>        unsigned char *videoptr = (unsigned char *)0xA0000 +
>    What is __djgpp_conventional_base? There is no mention of it in
>Rhide's syntax help and the document didn't explain it.
>    Also, which is the FASTEST way to access the video memory, enabling
>near pointers or emulating far pointers?? (or is there a better way)
>    Please note that i'm using VBE1.2 so I can't use linear frames in my
>graphics modes.

__djgpp_conventional_base is something you need to add to your pointers if you
want to use nearpointers....

I looked for an explaination as well - in the RHIDE online help... I found
reference to it in the _djgpp_nearptr_enable

Near pointers are faster... at least I THINK so...

Keep in mind it disables all memory protection.

Jim the loiterer (wannabe PC game/graphics developer)
[please don't hate me because I pay too much for poor internet service!!]

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