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>I'm having a problem with the extern keyword.  I'm doing a multi-file
>project in RHIDE, and I'm declaring something I want all the functions
>to be able to acess above my main and then in the other files declairing
>it the same way with the extern keyword before it.  The problem is that
>the variables are all equal to 0 when I use extern, but they have values
>in them in main. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.  Here's an
>example of what I'm doing:
>extern Sprite sprite;                        //sprite being a tydefined

This might not be the best advice.... but pass the sprite (or a sprite pointer)
as a parameter....

as far as other externals... here's what I did...

in the modules... let's say they're called modey.h & modey.c

declare variables as extern in the .H (again - no assignments there)

in the .C ... declare the variables as you normally would...
(so you have 2 declarations)

Now... let's say the project uses.... implement.c (the main procedure is in
it)... and the file modey.c....

put #include "modey.h" in BOTH .C sources....

actually - you can do that with the sprites too...

I hope this helps....

Jim the loiterer (wannabe PC game/graphics developer)
[please don't hate me because I pay too much for poor internet service!!]

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