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Subject: Re: Rhide 1.3 and 1.4
Date: 5 Jan 1998 01:21:31 GMT
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>hau wrote:
>> I don't know how to fix the problem when Rhide cannot return to windows
>> or dos if I lick on "DOS Shell" or "Exit".  The only thing I get is the
>> multicolors sreen and have to reboot the computer.
>You need to make sure that the Dos will continue to run in the Wind95
>env.  To do that, put a line "c:\ /k " and rhide.exe dir. or
>a bat file that connect to dir of rhide.exe like "c:\djpgg\bin\rhide" or
>I think this is a little trick I do to run rhide.

Great tip! I'll use that...

... but what about Hau's licking problem?

Jim the loiterer (wannabe PC game/graphics developer)
[please don't hate me because I pay too much for poor internet service!!]

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