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From: Robert Hoehne <robert DOT hoehne AT gmx DOT net>
Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
Subject: RHIDE Beta versions
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 17:55:14 +0100
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I have made now on my website a page, where I will place
unregulary beta versions of RHIDE. The URL for this page

(Note that there is no link from any of my other
pages to this URL)

Anyone, who is interested in it, can get from there
the binaries and sources. I will not upload them to
any ftp-site.

Bug-reports about this beta-releases should be posted
to me directly and not in the news group.

* email:   Robert Hoehne <robert DOT hoehne AT gmx DOT net>     *
* Post:    Am Berg 3, D-09573 Dittmannsdorf, Germany *
* WWW:        *

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