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Subject: Re: req: tcp lib that will work with the microsoft tcp/ip stack....
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Damien ( wrote:
: Rich Dawe <rd5718 AT irix DOT bris DOT ac DOT uk> wrote in article
: > libsocket may not work with Winsock 2 however.
: It probably doesn't.  I use WSOCK, & all my WSOCK programs would crash as
: soon as they hit the SocketInit() function after I installed Winsock 2 (so
: I uninstalled it, of course).  I think I remember hearing libsocket was
: based on WSOCK.

	libsocket is based on WSOCK. The behaviour with Winsock 2 is
strange. Things like getprotobyname and getservbyname work fine, but
creating sockets doesn't. libsocket uses a DOS function call to use
WSOCK.VXD's functionalit. I guess M$ changed how this VxD works between
Winsock 1 and 2, breaking libsocket and other libraries in the process :(
Does anybody have any information about Winsock 2?

	Cheers, Rich Dawe.

              Rich Dawe - 3rd year Physicist @ Bristol Uni, UK
E-mail: rd5718 AT bristol DOT ac DOT uk        Web pages:

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