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Sender: M DOT A DOT Bukin AT inp DOT nsk DOT su
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: New version of Ghostscript for DJGPP
From: Michael Bukin <M DOT A DOT Bukin AT inp DOT nsk DOT su>
Date: 04 Jan 1998 16:40:49 +0600
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I have prepared new version of GNU Ghostscript 3.33 for DJGPP.
Visit the following URL (both binary and source are there):

Some of its features:

  - Support for Allegro 2.2 and 3.0 (all color depths, but 24 bpp was not
  - Support for CGA/EGA/VGA mono and 16 color modes.  Was not tested on real
CGA board.  Tested on VGA (all supported modes).
  - Text input and output are captured on text console.  Text does not
interfere with graphics.
  - Display drivers support Orientation and page resolution.
  - Ghostscript sources are not changed, only new files added.  It should
be relatively simple to port to newer versions of Ghostscript by changing
  - Should have all features that other DOS ports of Ghostscript have.

I'm going to release this version with little or no changes.  Names can be
changed in final release.  If anyone is going to use Ghostscript for DJGPP,
try current version and suggest improvements, so the final version will
be complete with all features you need.

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